The Hay Festival 2013

It’s only 10.30 a.m. but we’ve already counted 12 men wearing red trousers, some with billowing scarves redundant on this warm May morning, sure signs, according to one friend, that we’re deep in ‘arty’ territory. It’s Hay Festival time again. For the last two days we’ve enjoyed an exhilarating mental workout with some of the keenest and most creative minds around; we’ve been entertained, challenged, inspired; we’ve debated, reflected, absorbed; we’ve queued for Portaloos, Pimms and paninis with unfailingly friendly and polite fellow bibliophiles. Minds and bodies fed, it’s time now to nourish the soul............more

Rough Guide Competition

Rough Guides Competition.

The competition rules:

All you need to do is sign up to the new site if you haven’t already, and write up to 100 words underneath this article on the topic “the place that changed me”. It could be a country, city or somewhere completely rural. You could have been blown away by scenery, fallen in love with the people, or enchanted by the food – just let us know how the place changed you in some way..............more

The Lisbon Riviera

Waves lap at the doorways of the smart boutiques and dolphins frolic around the tables of the pavement cafes. The marine-themed cream and grey cobblestones, reminiscent of a Roman mosaic pavement, can be initially disorienting, creating an impression of moving water as they shimmer in the autumn sunlight. We soon find our sea-legs and saunter down to the real sea and fine golden sands of Baia Rainha, one of several pristine beaches in the delightful fishing port cum tourist town of Cascais on the Lisbon Riviera. .............more