Bon Appetit

She’s in love with Jamie’s cheeky chapattis,
he adores Nigella’s chocolate mousse;
she drools over Ainsley’s neaps and tatties,
he is sweet on Delia’s Charlotte russe.
Together they groan with undiluted pleasure
as the Masterchef contestants take the floor,
a coq-au-vin seductive beyond measure,
a steak tartare pure passion in the raw.
Replete with a feast of taste-bud tickling visions
they turn from the melting charm of Michel Roux
to a plastic tray where they make some neat incisions
for the steam to escape from their microwave meal for two.

© Moira Ashley
This poem received third place in the Humorous Verse section of the Flash 500 website for the second quarter 2012 (link to external site)
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